Query Sitecore xDB MongoDatabases Part 1

Mongo databases are integral part of Sitecore xDB and they are the main data stores for the Sitecore Experience Platform. Experience Analytics, Experience Profile and Experience Optimization all in a way or other depends on Mongo databases. It always good to have some hands-on queries related to mongo in case troubleshooting or understanding of sitecore... Continue Reading →

Theme based Razor View Engine.

In one of our project there was a need to load different razor views (.cshtml) based on Theme (a value on the site settings) say In Multi site environment a component should render (UI) differently based on site theme. One of the nice feature of ASP.NET MVC framework is its pluggability. This means you can completely replace... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Sitemap XML

Sitecore Sitemap XML module is one of the brilliant Sitecore Marketplace module. We have been using it frequently in many of our Sitecore implementations and it works seamlessly. Here I would like to share a side effect of this module which we encountered today. We all have lower environments other than PRODUCTION i.e DEV, QA,... Continue Reading →

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