Getting Hired in 2017

The Staffing Industry Analysts have issued a forecast for India in 2017, saying that “hiring activity will be led by IT” among others. We at Horizontal Integration  are naturally excited for this, and we want to help you get started. Here are three things job seekers should  start researching to prepare for their next job.


First, research the company. This may seem easy, but a quick look at a company’s website isn’t enough. The day-to-day reality of a company goes much deeper than its front page. In your research, try to discover some of the following:

  • problems the company is working to overcome
  • projects currently underway
  • how the company is owned and how money is made
  • cultural and personal expectations


Drill down to the department you’re applying to work in. Find the department head’s LinkedIn and look at blog posts, papers and presentations they’ve written. Consider how these factors might reflect the department they’re working to develop.


Second, research yourself. Make sure you’ve matched the required and desired skills in a job posting to definable, measurable achievements of your own. Find the hardest interview questions you can and practice your answers until you’re sure of them. After figuring out the company’s culture, figure out the ways that you’ll fit in. Read the mood of the room and respond accordingly. Assemble a list of questions beforehand: if you’re anxious about hearing back after an interview, ask about the timeline; if you value perks such as food and outings, ask about benefits.


Of course, this is only the beginning. Resumes, industry trends and more can affect the hiring process. If you have questions, learn more and connect with a recruiter today ( We’re  here to help.


Why a Staffing Agency?

If a company has a job to fill and someone has the necessary experience, the role of the staffing agency can be unclear. However, the reality of the job market is much more chaotic: hiring is just one of many projects a company is undertaking, and the talented people applying for those jobs must be evaluated in a complicated rubric of skill, experience, culture and more.

Luckily, staffing agencies, and Horizontal Integration in particular, are here to help.

For the company

Here are a few reasons to add staffing agencies to your hiring process as someone looking to hire.

  • Hiring is their focus

Most companies distribute the hiring process between HR, department heads and more. It takes time to get these departments together, which takes away from other ongoing projects.

At a staffing firm, finding, screening and selecting talent is their specialty. Since it’s all they do, they speed up the process. They also have an understanding of the field as a whole, both within and outside of your company.

  •  They have extended networks

Whatever a hiring organization’s reach, chances are, a staffing agency’s reach is larger. Why? Because they maintain a pool of passive candidates—candidates who aren’t actively looking for jobs but might be wooed to a new position. Additionally, candidates are Prescreened, which means the placement process is easier and shorter.

For the job seeker

  •  Connections

Horizontal Integration recruiters work closely with companies for years, so they know who to talk to and what questions to ask. And they probably have good jobs in adjacent fields that you might not know to look for.

Additionally, they can do more for you than get you in an interview. They can help with cover letters and resumes and offer advice on next steps for career advancement.

  •  Flexibility

Working with a recruiter is perfect if you’re curious about a field or company but aren’t ready or able to commit. With contract and contract-to-hire jobs, H Horizontal Integration can allow you to dip your toes into a field. And if you love it, permanent jobs are also available.

Now that we’ve convinced you, contact us today to [find talent ( or [find a job (