Sitecore Commerce Connect: Product Pricing

In this post I’ll be demonstrating how to retrieve product pricing using Sitecore Commerce Connect. As with other Commerce Connect features the details of determining pricing is left up to the implementer. The preferred way to determine product pricing is by patching a processor into the appropriate pipeline. This processor will then take request inputs and either... Continue Reading →

Sitecore’s History Engine part 2

Last year I wrote a post quickly describing the use of Sitecore’s HistoryManager. Well a lot’s happened since then and I thought I’d post a quick update. I’ve re-worked some of the code that’s been used and re-used as an extension of Sitecore’s Database class and thought I would share in case others find it as... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Rocks – quick tools and tips

The Sitecore Rocks plugin is a powerful tool that I see many developers using as a straight replacement to the Sitecore interface.  Other developers have been hesitant to switch to Rocks as they feel that it only offers a different UI while providing the same functionality.  This blog post is intended to highlight some of... Continue Reading →


As a Sitecore developer you're faced with many challenges, however there are none more difficult than choosing the right icon.  Hours can be spend trying to figure out if your data is best represented by one green cube or three; a house with a purple roof or blue.  What if I told you there was... Continue Reading →

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