Sitecore Campaign Set-up

Now that you know more about your users and their behavior, it’s time to analyze what brings users to your site in order to create marketing initiatives that result in more conversions. Sitecore Campaigns allow you to target the user once they arrive at the site. Campaigns, like the Google Analytics URL Builder, include a... Continue Reading →

Configuring Goals in Sitecore

You’ve done the work of categorizing your users and content. Now it’s time to discuss your specific goals for each user group. Sitecore goals measure activities visitors can perform on your website. You can assign a goal for any action you’d like your user to take. Example goals: Download a brochure Register for a newsletter... Continue Reading →

Sitecore User Categorization: How-To

Now that you know all about Sitecore Profile and Pattern Cards, it's time to learn how to set them up. To configure a persona profile and profile keys, log into the Sitecore Experience Platform dashboard and open the marketing control panel. Our Sample Personas are: Yanni Young Person Mary Middle Age Sally Senior 1. Create... Continue Reading →

Helping understand ADA Compliance

A website launch is no feeble undertaking. Hundreds of cumulative hours go into user, competitor and analytics research, IA and UX, creative design and content development. Then of course there’s the site development, the testing and so on. Imagine launching that site stuffed with inherent barriers between potential web users and your message. The section... Continue Reading →

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