HI Recruiters at Second Harvest Heartland


1 in 10 households in Minnesota is affected by hunger. This is according to Second Harvest Heartland, who distributed 89 million pounds of food in 2014, which is equivalent to 74 million meals.

And how do they get this done? With the help of gracious volunteers, of course. Among their 33,000 helpers are HI’s staffing team, and it all started with Jake Sayaraj, our IT Creative Marketing Recruiter. “Being born in Laos and uprooted to Minnesota at an early age,” he said, “my family had very little means and benefited from these types of organizations in the past.” So he and his friends have given their Saturdays over to volunteering for years. “It’s my way to give back to the community!”

And it’s not just the community that benefits. According to a 2010 United Healthcare survey, volunteering with coworkers results in stronger bonds along with an increased ability to recover from disappointment.

These are all great traits to aim for according to HI Partner Jeremy Langevin. “Recruiting can get hectic, and it’s a competitive field, so it’s great to spend time together outside of the office.” But office benefits aren’t the most important aspect. “It’s for a good cause,” Langevin said, “and it’s just fun.”

Want to get involved with Second Harvest Heartland? You can donate time, money or food via their site.

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