HI Women: Alicia Gillberg, Back-End Developer

aliciaAlicia, one of our back-end developers, started out with a marketing degree. She took a web development course by chance, because it fulfilled a degree requirement, and when she started coding, she says, “I spent four hours doing it without realizing, which is different—because usually I hated doing homework. But I got lost in it.”

And thanks to the culture here at HI, Alicia has added a few other items to her list of likes. “I came here because I wanted to learn more about development, and I think that growth mindset is very apparent here.” The new release of Sitecore 8 is a big part of her present learning. She calls it developer friendly and exceptionally customizable.

A big part of HI’s culture is empowering employees with the autonomy to work when they’re most productive, rather than adhering to strict hours. This allows her to pursue a number of other interests. Alicia’s primary hobby is her membership on the Twin Cities Amazons rugby team. “We play in the Women’s Premier League, which is the highest tier in the US. There are 8 teams in the nation,” she says, and they fly all over the country for matches. The Amazons have been a team since 1982, and in the last three years they’ve either been the national champions or the runners-up. In addition to playing, Alicia is the team’s Communications Officer.

Alicia bikes often, regularly commuting to HI from downtown Minneapolis, and for a while she worked as a bike mechanic—not at all a stretch for a behind-the scenes developer who likes to fix things: “I like making things work,” she says. “I like knowing what all the pieces are behind what you see.”

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