HI Women: Shelby Smith, Front-End Developer

shelbyMarch is Women’s History Month, and Sunday, March 8 served as International Women’s Day. We’re celebrating by profiling some of the women who make HI what it is—a company that holds our culture as sacred as the services we offer.

“I guess I interviewed very well,” Shelby says. Before she came on, word around the office was that she was something of a developer prodigy—fresh out of school and already mid level. She’s convinced she was invited to join our front-end development team thanks to her heavily researched interview responses. She studied web design and interactive media but was drawn to developing, though she admits she had a lot to learn: “It was terrifying the first month or so,” she says. “But the team was really helpful.”

“I was interested in graphic design in high school,” Shelby says. “But then my teacher crushed my dreams.” Design remains really important to her. “I want to be a hybrid between design and development,” she says. “A good developer should know design well and vice versa.”

Shelby occasionally paints, and she loves live music—from local shows to huge festivals. She went to eight music festivals last year and is already scheduling out her attendance for the coming year.

Thinking about her future at HI, she says, “I want to get my feet wet more before I’m in charge of anyone.” For now, she’s happy that has a “real job” that allows her the flexibility to pursue her interests outside of the office.

When asked if she wanted to add anything else, she just had this to say: “A prodigy? Ha, that’s cool.”

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