HI Women: Katie Erickson, Business Development Manager

katie2March is Women’s History Month, and Sunday, March 8 was International Women’s Day. We’re celebrating by profiling some of the women who make HI what it is—a company that holds our culture as sacred as the services we offer.

“I love the culture and the vibe and the people.” That’s what attracted Katie Erickson, our Business Development Manager, to HI. She’s in charge of all new business for the web solutions side of our house, and she’s does an incredible job since joining HI two years ago—ask anyone she works with.

Katie has marked 2015 as a year of trying and learning new things, and she’s more excited than ever about her role and her HI team. “The people make the culture,” she says. “It’s a team environment.” That teamwork makes her job easier: “It doesn’t feel like sales. It feels like we’re talking about things that are exciting to us, and clients love the passion that comes out. They thrive off of our enthusiasm.” In short, her job allows her to simply talk “about how great we are.”

Although her background leans towards sales and marketing, Katie’s current enthusiasm is focused around the more techy side of her job, specifically the release of Sitecore 8. “There’s a lot more analytics available to help you get the most out of personalizing your experience, and it’s so fun to show people because the new interface is so attractive.” A lot of her job takes her on the road where she gets to serve as sort of an ambassador for the incredible personalization features of Sitecore and for the HI team she’s proud to be part of. “It’s fun to be part of a team that’s kicking butt,” she says.

Katie has moved into Minneapolis from the western ‘burbs and is already taking advantage of the lakeside paths, training for her next half marathon. She’s also looking forward to the expanded dining options. “I like trying new things,” she says. “This year is all about being curious, learning new things and putting myself out there more.” Take her new boxing class, for instance. She says she doesn’t have plans to fight competitively, “but that might change.”

She’s prepping a return to WE Fest after driving a 19-foot trailer to a music festival last year—a 19-foot trailer with a window that broke on her watch. Duct tape failed to prevent the window from swinging open, as did string—making for a rather harrowing drive home. Luckily, the owner didn’t hold them accountable for the damage. “Sheena at PleasureLand was my new best friend,” Katie says.

We agree with Katie: the people make the culture. And we’re thankful for the contributions of Katie, our country-loving, trailer-driving, Sitecore-heralding boxing enthusiast.

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